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Opportunity for Commercial Manager – Full-time employment (CLT)

Responsible for leading and managing commercial activities. Main responsibilities include developing and implementing sales strategies, setting sales targets, supervising the sales team, analyzing market and competition, negotiating contracts, monitoring sales performance, and implementing corrective actions when necessary.

Works closely with other areas of the company, such as marketing and operations, to ensure the effectiveness of commercial activities.

Responsible for identifying new business opportunities, establishing and maintaining relationships with key clients, and developing customer loyalty strategies.

The ideal candidate needs to possess leadership, negotiation, communication, and strategic vision skills. Additionally, a good knowledge of the market, analytical ability, results orientation, and problem-solving skills are required.

In summary, the role is responsible for driving sales growth, achieving established targets, and ensuring the success of the company’s commercial activities.


Required to have worked for more than 5 years in companies within the construction industry, such as businesses specializing in tiling and porcelain, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, among others.

Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite; SAP

Education Level: Bachelor’s degree with a Postgraduate degree

Available for travel to Argentina, where there is a commercial office.

Previous experience: minimum of 10 years in commercial field with a Head position.

Starting salary: R$ 21,629.00 – Full-time employment (CLT)


a. Health Insurance – SulAmerica

b. Life Insurance – at no cost – insured amount 24x

c. Company Vehicle (limited for work purposes)

d. Meal Allowance

e. D&O Insurance

Evaluation Procedure:

You will need to create your online curriculum, or in other words, your professional profile on MySkills, complete with recorded audios and videos, demonstrating your interest in the position and marking your participation in the corresponding link:


You will interact with the recruiter online for an introductory checklist in order to proceed to the next stages of the selection process.

You will respond to various assessments of technical and behavioral skills through MySkills, for People Analytics analysis and identification of your level of suitability for the position.

You will participate in a 15-minute presentation with the team of analysts from TalentBank, aiming to review, align, and provide guidance for the future stages of the process.

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