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    Job Role:

    Support the build and run of a product suite of customer-facing applications;

    Identifying and refining requirements and specifications;

    Creating clear and concise product and project documentation.



    We are looking for a project manager to join our team, on-site, in Foz do Iguaçu, building and maintaining customer-facing applications for major finance partners.


    We are also looking for a project manager with credentials that would allow you to work in the United States, where you would be working for WallstreetDocs, a premier tech partner for tier 1 banks, and in this capacity, you would be seconded to one of the leading U.S. Investment banks to work in their New York City office.

    Project Manager responsibilities include working with our change implementation teams, refining requirements and specifications, and resolving technical problems into solutions to deliver modern secure applications to our clients. To be successful in this role, you should have experience building financial solutions within SaaS applications.


    • Preparing and maintaining projects, stages, and exception plans as required.
    • Managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans. 
    • Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of internal business functions and external clients
    • Work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback on the service, function, or product provided
    • Consider opportunities and potential risks attached to suggestions you make
    • Identify the processes and information technology required to introduce your recommendations
    • Produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and present to stakeholders when necessary
    • Support staff and teams in making your recommended changes, including helping to resolve any issues
    • Ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.


    Requirements and skills:

    • Experience with Project Manager techniques;
    • Experience with SaaS platform development and implementation;
    • Familiarity and understanding of documentation standards;
    • Understanding of testing practices;
    • Understanding of security practices;
    • Familiarity with working in a regulated environment.


    Working hours:

    • The project manager is expected to work with a team that serves US banks operation time: 9 AM – 6 PM GMT-4 (10 AM – 8 PM BRT) Monday to Friday.
    • Public holidays will match those of the U.S. (You will be expected to work on Brazilian public holidays unless it happens on the same day as a U.S. holiday).



    • R$ 6.000,00/month (adjusted if the contractor is requested to work in the US).
    • Contract renewed on a yearly basis.
    • The payment will be issued at the end of each month. You will have to provide your own invoice and fiscal note (CNPJ required). The amount will be sent to the account you provide, and all tax matters must be handled by yourself. This is a contractor position.